Name: Rosali Age: 10/f Country: India ID: 83478 SPONSOR A CHILD Featured Child Her father is an alcoholic  and her mother is sickly. Rosali enjoys to sing. Can you help make a  difference in her life? Keep In Touch With Us! SIGN UP OUR MISSION Child Sponsorship

THAT EVERY SIX SECONDS A CHILD DIES  SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD FOR LACK OF A  FEW CENTS WORTH OF FOOD AND MEDICINE? You can help us save one of those dying children and give them a home today.  The cost?  Only .83 cents a day! Radio Programs Television Stations

URGENT Need In Uganda  

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Name: Aseervadam Age: 64/m Country: India ID: 81158 His parents worshipped idols and Hindu gods. He grew up threatening Christian believers in his village. In 1968 he put down his false idols and  accepted Jesus in his heart. He now ministers to tribal areas. Can you help him  continue missionary work? SPONSOR A MISSIONARY Featured Missionary Click Here to View The Path Charts The Path WME Media Highlights Quarterly Magazines & The Path DVD Collection WORLD MISSIONARY  EVANGELISM, INC. World Missionary Evangelism: World Missionary Evangelism