Name: Sahil Age: 9/m Country: India ID: 83926 SPONSOR A CHILD Featured Child Keep In Touch With Us! SIGN UP OUR MISSION Child Sponsorship

THAT EVERY SIX SECONDS A CHILD DIES  SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD FOR LACK OF A  FEW CENTS WORTH OF FOOD AND MEDICINE? You can help us save one of those dying children and give them a home today.  The cost?  Only .83 cents a day! Radio Programs Television Stations


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Name: Elizebeth Age: 43/f Country: India ID: 83532 SPONSOR A MISSIONARY Featured Missionary Click Here to View The Path Charts The Path WME Media Highlights Quarterly Magazines & The Path DVD Collection Sahil’s father works as a daily wage laborer. The family of 6 is extremely poor. Sahil loves to play with toys. His favorite sport is football. Can you help make a  difference in his life?

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Of the Construction of Children’s Home
in India

in India

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