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Provide a new school uniform to a child longing for education

For children in many developing countries, a good education is their only hope for
attaining a better life. While these people are poor, the desire for their children to
receive an education is great. But in order for many of these children to attend
school, they must purchase a school uniform. When facing the daily struggle of
poverty, scraping together money for a school uniform is often impossible.
Your gift
of $35
can provide a uniform to a child longing to attend school.

School uniform:
Give a child a school backpack to call their very own

Have you ever witnessed the moment of joy when a child is given their own
backpack? A basic backpack can provide a child with a place to store books,
lessons, food and their little “treasures.” And for many children we reach, a backpack is
essential for the long walk they must make between school and home.
Just $15
can send a child to school with a backpack to call their very own.

Bring joy to a child with books and school supplies

When it’s time for school-aged children to head back for another year of school,
parents rush out for items like pencils, paper, books and crayons. But can you
imagine how difficult it would be for a child to learn without the benefit of basic
school supplies? For children in struggling families, this is a very real problem faced
on a daily basis.
Your gift of $25 can provide a child with books and school supplies.

Books and school supplies:
Applying lessons learned... Give a desk to children and teachers

It’s something we often take for granted — simply expecting desks to be present in
our children’s classrooms. But in poor communities, children and teachers outnumber
the few battered desks available. Children need sturdy desks so they have a place to sit
and work on daily lessons.
A gift of $55 can provide a desk for children who
want a chance to learn and the teachers who sacrifice to make that possible.

Desks for children and teachers:
Help teachers inspire young minds with teaching aids and supplies

For teachers trying so hard to help children learn, educational aids and supplies
are hard to obtain and worth their weight in gold!
With a gift of just $25, you can
give a grateful teacher new materials to use in a classroom. It’s a small but
meaningful gift to the teachers who inspire and impact so many young lives.

Teaching aids and supplies:
Turn technology into opportunity... Give a computer to a classroom

Technology has become a vital part of our lives. For developing countries, learning
basic computer skills and programs gives children an important advantage when they
seek work after graduation. A basic computer allows teachers the opportunity to
reinforce daily lessons and provide needed technology skills to teens.
A gift of
can help provide basic computers to classrooms and help teachers prepare
students for the future.

Computers for classrooms:
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Help a Bible student fulfill the Great Commission

In many developing nations, there are Bible schools and ministry training centers
working to equip men and women committing their lives to reach the lost for
Christ. These individuals are being prepared to impact their own nations as
evangelists, pastors, apostles, teachers and leaders. But most of these students
come from humble means and need help to cover the basic costs of books, food
and supplies while they attend Bible school.
Just $35 per month can provide
support to a Bible student as they train to fulfill the Great Commission

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