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Emergency Relief/ Food For Hunger
Give battered women the help they need to make a fresh start

WME is working with a partner dedicated to mentoring, discipling and restoring the
lives of battered women. The ladies in this program have wounds that are physical,
mental and spiritual. They need the support of Christians who can stand in the gap
and show them God’s grace and compassion in action.
Your gift of $50 to $100
will supply food, clothing, household items, toiletries and the like to women who
want to break free of the past and find a new life in Christ.

Help raise them up... Send relief to those starting over after a disaster

How many of us have been moved by the images of men, women and children
grappling with a disaster that has turned their lives upside down? Right now, there
are families left devastated by the ravages of war or natural disasters who need our
Your gift of just $25 provides staple items like food, blankets, towels
or pillows. Help us to raise up the hands that hang low and strengthen
people faced with starting over today

I was hungry, and you game me meat; thirsty, and you gave me drink

Hunger is still one of the world’s most pressing needs, and it leads to the deaths
of thousands of children each year. Many children around the world still don’t receive
the daily nutrition they need to grow and develop. Hunger also affects people of
every age and race. About one in nine people does not have enough food to eat,
and the majority of those suffering from hunger live in developing nations.
A gift of
will help us distribute food such as rice, grains, beans, corn and oil to meet
these needs.
Stock the shelves of a WME food pantry

Did you know WME has operated food pantries in West Virginia and South Texas
for decades? These missions are located in communities where a lack of good,
stable jobs has taken a toll. The pantries are open year-round to help those
struggling to put food on the table. Requests for assistance are steadily on the
rise, making WME’s outreach to the hungry more critical than ever!
Just $30
can make a real difference to this USA outreach.

Send boots to orphans, widows, elderly or missionary families in Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, we are involved in an Annual Shoe Project. In Moldova, there is
a Christian shoe manufacturer who provides winter boots and shoes at minimal
cost. These good quality shoes and boots are made to withstand long, harsh
winters. Our WME Ministry Partner supplies these shoes to children in orphanages,
elderly in area homes, the poor and national missionary families.
With a gift of $30,
you can bless someone in Eastern Europe with a warm pair of winter shoes.

Winter Boots:
Spread the joy with a food basket to a family or a Christmas present to child

Annually, WME food pantries located in the USA supply food baskets to poor families
so they can have a special meal during the holiday season. And there are children,
teens or handicapped individuals who hope for a gift at Christmas but may receive
nothing without our support.
Your gift of $25 to USA Food For Hunger can spread
joy to needy families and precious children during the holidays.

$ 25.00

USA Disaster Relief

Overseas Disaster Relief

$ 25.00

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Food and toiletries

$ 50.00

Clothing and household items

$ 100.00

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WME food pantry

$ 30.00

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Overseas Food For Hunger Program

$ 20.00

USA Food For Hunger Program

$ 20.00

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Food basket

$ 25.00

Christmas gifts

$ 25.00

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