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Provide a new school uniform to a child longing for education

For children in many developing countries, a good education is their only hope for
attaining a better life. While these people are poor, the desire for their children to
receive an education is great. But in order for many of these children to attend
school, they must purchase a school uniform. When facing the daily struggle of
poverty, scraping together money for a school uniform is often impossible.
Your gift
of $35
can provide a uniform to a child longing to attend school.

School uniform:
Sponsoring a child is saving a life

In developing nations, one child dies every six seconds for the lack of a few cents’
worth of food and medicine. Since beginning our work, WME has been involved in
saving children living on the thin line between life and death. There are many
children who need a sponsor right now.
The cost is $25 per month, which helps to
provide a child with food, clothing, medical care, and in some cases, a home with
twenty-four hour supervision. While it is a small amount, this gift can save one
precious life hanging in the balance today.

Sponsor a Child By Donating Here.
There’s no place like home... Help to support the operation of a Children’s Home

WME supports several Children’s Homes filled with orphaned, destitute and
abandoned children of all ages. Native Missionaries take up the call to minister to
their needs and bring them into a new family of faith. As you might imagine, it
takes a lot of dedication to care for these children and keep these facilities
operating year after year.
Your gift in any amount can help us maintain these
Children’s Homes and bring hope to hundreds who need a place that gives them
safety, shelter and hope.

Support a Children’s Home By Donating Here.
Make an eternal impact with children’s Bibles or Gospel story books

We constantly receive requests for Bibles from ministers on the field. Imagine the
impact you can have by providing children with Bibles, VBS materials or Gospel
story books.
Your gift of $15 to $25 will provide children with Biblical stories that
tell the message of salvation in their own native language. The cost to give a child
a Bible or Gospel story book is small, but that small gift can have an eternal
impact on their souls.

One good pair of shoes means more than you can imagine

We have outreach to children in a number of poor villages and slum areas. They
have few clothes and fewer belongings. You can’t imagine how special a pair of
new shoes is to a child.
With just $20 to $30, you can provide a good pair of
shoes that a child can wear to school and church. It likely will be the only pair
these children receive all year.

Sometimes, it’s the little things... Give underwear and socks to a child

New underwear and socks may seem a small item to many of us. But for poor
families with many children or for caregivers looking after dozens at a Children’s
Home, those little items are a major concern.
With a gift of just $5, you can send
new underwear and socks to children in need.

Children’s underwear and socks:
Let’s play ball!! Send new sports equipment to children

No matter where you go, children get a kick out of games. For families living hand
to mouth, sports equipment is a luxury item they simply can’t afford. So for many
boys and girls, the gift of a new ball is met with squeals of excitement and
Just $8 can provide a soccer ball, baseball, basketball or similar gear that
allows children to enjoy their time at play.

Sports equipment:
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Children's shoes

$ 20.00

Children's boots

$ 30.00

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Children's VBS materials

$ 15.00

Children's Bibles or Gospel story books

$ 25.00

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