World Missionary Evangelism: World Missionary Evangelism

Quick Country Facts:
Estimated Population:                                   1,279.5 million (in 2013)
People Living on Less Than $1.90 per day:       21.3% (in 2011)
Median Age:                                               26 years (in 2013)
Population Aged Under 15:                           29% (in 2013)

WME began its work in India nearly 60 years ago. In India, WME is reaching out with
compassionate service and Christian ministry to those in great need through the following
activities and projects:

· Child Sponsorship Program
· WME Schools for elementary & middle school children
· WME Homes for children
· School uniform, desks & supplies
· Native Missionary Sponsorship Program
· Basic transportation for Native Missionaries
· WME Churches & church construction
· Musical instruments & PA sound systems
· Bible & Gospel tract distribution
· Food For Hunger Program
· Water wells
· Leper medical clinic
· Support for children of lepers
· Farming programs
· Farm animals
· Disaster relief

If you feel the call to join WME to make a difference in India, please click here.
World Missionary Evangelism: World Missionary Evangelism