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The Life of Jesus Christ  is the greatest story ever told about the greatest man who ever lived.  As we consider His life and His person, we feel the uncomfortable and unsettling awe that the Roman Governor felt when he looked at his beaten, bloody prisoner from Nazareth and said – “Whence camest Thou?”

He came from a despised rural community and a very humble background. He had no formal education, no family of any significance, no position of importance. By trade He was a crude carpenter. There was a question about the legitimacy of His birth and no prospect for success even in his own country, which was a remote outpost of the Roman Empire. He and His nation were despised and rejected by the enlightened and cultured peoples of the ancient world.

He was 30 years of age before He left His home town, if it can be called a “town” in any meaningful sense of the word. For 3 ½ years, He became an itinerant moral teacher who was followed by 12 men who were equally unlearned and unlettered.

If one is going to start a world revolution, this is not a promising biography…and yet that is what He did. He turned the world upside down and became the watershed of history.

The strangest thing about Him is that He claimed to be the Son of God who would die by crucifixion and shed His blood to save the world and transform the lives of men. Millions of believers claim He has done just that, and millions have followed His example and His steps.

This series called The Life of Christ seeks to look at the Man of Sorrows and understand where He came from, what He taught, and where He is taking us. If we succeed, even in the most modest way, we have achieved our purpose.

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