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Help a Native Missionary reap a harvest of souls

How can the lost believe in Jesus without first hearing the Gospel? And how do
they hear the Gospel without a preacher? And how can a Native Missionary preach
the Gospel unless they are sent? These questions from Romans 10 remind us how
important it is for Native Missionaries to witness in their communities so the world
hears about Jesus Christ.
For just $35 per month, you can support the work of
a Native Missionary and send one of God’s laborers out into the mission field to
reap a harvest of souls.

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Help a Bible student fulfill the Great Commission

In many developing nations, there are Bible schools and ministry training centers
working to equip men and women committing their lives to reach the lost for
Christ. These individuals are being prepared to impact their own nations as
evangelists, pastors, apostles, teachers and leaders. But most of these students
come from humble means and need help to cover the basic costs of books, food
and supplies while they attend Bible school.
Just $35 per month can provide
support to a Bible student as they train to fulfill the Great Commission.

Support a Bible student By Donating Here.
Give believers a Church center that lights up their communities

WME has helped to build and establish hundreds of churches and mission centers
in many countries. Some are the first evangelical churches built in their
communities. These churches not only act as a center for spreading the Gospel,
they become community centers bringing forth hope, truth and fellowship in their
villages. Your gift to our Church Building Fund can help plant native churches in
communities around the globe. The cost for a church building
starts at $3,000 and
goes up
, depending on the building type, size and materials needed. Any gift to our
Church Building Fund is much appreciated.


The Word is alive!! Send Bibles, Christian tracts or Gospel story books

There is one request we hear over and over again from the field. Native
Missionaries want to give the people they serve a Bible to read and study in their
own native language. Imagine the impact you can have by providing the Word of
God to adults and children who long to know more about the Lord.
Your gift of
$15 to $25
will provide adult Bibles, children’s Bibles, Gospel story books or
Christian tracts to souls needing to hear the message of salvation. The cost to give
a Bible is small, but it makes an eternal difference.

Help believers make a joyful noise to the Lord

Many village churches have few material things but are rich in faith. What little they
do have, they share with people around them. It is difficult for these congregations
to pull together funds to buy items like musical instruments or simple speakers for
use during their church services. Your gift can help a village congregation raise
their voices in praise to the Lord.

Spread the Good News by giving transportation to Native Missionaries

Many of our Native Missionaries spend long hours going from place to place
throughout the communities where they serve. Good, reliable modes of
transportation make them even more effective in their efforts. You can’t imagine
what a blessing basic transportation is to their ministry. You can provide a Native
Missionary with a good bicycle to ride between villages, a strong horse to cross
remote or mountainous terrain, or a motorcycle to cover large distances on local


$ 125.00


$ 575.00


$ 1900.00

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Small musical instruments

$ 50.00

Large musical instruments

$ 75.00


$ 100.00

Sound System

$ 200.00

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Tracts and New Testaments

$ 15.00

Bibles and Gospel story books

$ 25.00

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