World Missionary Evangelism: World Missionary Evangelism May 1-5 The Syro-Phoenician Woman A Persistent Petition Great Faith Powerful Analogies Deaf in Decapolis  April 24-28 Apparent Contradictions Suggestion & Decisions A Temporary Respite Phoenicians Tyre & Sidon wme 04-24-17.mp3 wme 04-25-17.mp3 wme 04-26-17.mp3 wme 04-27-17.mp3 wme 04-28-17.mp3 wme 05-01-17.mp3 wme 05-02-17.mp3 wme 05-03-17.mp3 wme 05-04-17.mp3 wme 05-05-17.mp3 May 15-19   The Greatest Question Eternity’s Turning Points Founding the Church The Method of Manifestation  A Changing Understanding  May 8-12 Capernaum The Three Leavens Probation Ended The Great Confession Caesarea Phillippi wme 05-08-17.mp3 wme 05-09-17.mp3 wme 05-10-17.mp3 wme 05-11-17.mp3 wme 05-12-17.mp3 wme 05-15-17.mp3 wme 05-16-17.mp3 wme 05-17-17.mp3 wme 05-18-17.mp3 wme 05-19-17.mp3 Radio Programs
World Missionary Evangelism: World Missionary Evangelism