World Missionary Evangelism: World Missionary Evangelism April 29- May 3 Thunderous Denunciation Stephen’s Denunciation Theophilus A Young Man’s Feet Paul the Persecutor  April 22-26 Stephen on the Patriarchs Stephen on Moses Stephen on Israel’s Paganism Stephen on Tabernade and Temple Stephen on his judges wme 04-22-19.mp3 wme 04-23-19.mp3 wme 04-24-19.mp3 wme 04-25-19.mp3 wme 04-26-19.mp3 wme 04-29-19.mp3 wme 04-30-19.mp3 wme 05-01-19.mp3 wme 05-02-19.mp3 wme 05-03-19.mp3 May 13-17 The Great Persecution Permission to Kill The Onset of Doubts The Tribunal of Conscience A Troubling Prophecy  May 6-10 Vocational Training Children’s Homes and Maintenance Leper and Medical Outreach Food for Hunger Program Where Needed Most wme 05-06-19.mp3 wme 05-07-19.mp3 wme 05-08-19.mp3 wme 05-09-19.mp3 wme 05-10-19.mp3 wme 05-13-19.mp3 wme 05-14-19.mp3 wme 05-15-19.mp3 wme 05-16-19.mp3 wme 05-17-19.mp3 Radio Programs
World Missionary Evangelism: World Missionary Evangelism