World Missionary Evangelism: World Missionary Evangelism January 23-27 Blind & Hopeless Clean & Unclean Teach us to Pray The Lord’s Prayer Explaining the Lord’s Prayer  January 16-20 Strange Allies Hand-Washing Issues Commandments & Traditions Hands or Hearts Dodging God wme 01-16-17.mp3 wme 01-17-17.mp3 wme 01-18-17.mp3 wme 01-19-17.mp3 wme 01-20-17.mp3 wme 01-23-17.mp3 wme 01-24-17.mp3 wme 01-25-17.mp3 wme 01-26-17.mp3 wme 01-27-17.mp3 February 6-10   The Importunate Man The Importunate Church The Unjust Judge The Pharisees’ Question Now But Not Yet  January 30- February 3 One Time Gifts for Projects USA Outreach Disaster Relief Haiti Leper Outreach in India Child Sponsorship wme 01-30-17.mp3 wme 01-31-17.mp3 wme 02-01-17.mp3 wme 02-02-17.mp3 wme 02-03-17.mp3 wme 02-06-17.mp3 wme 02-07-16.mp3 wme 02-08-17.mp3 wme 02-09-17.mp3 wme 02-10-17.mp3 Radio Programs
World Missionary Evangelism: World Missionary Evangelism