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Vocational Assistance
Supply the tools for a better future

For many poor families, earning enough to put food on the table is a daily
challenge. With the right tools, they can pave their way out of poverty and into a
brighter future. For many single mothers, taking up sewing, cosmetology or
farming is the best option for making a decent living. Farming tools, seed for planting,
mechanic’s tools, a fishing boat or fishing nets are a huge help to a man struggling
to provide for his family. For others, basic computer training leads to solid work.
Your gift today makes a difference in their lives tomorrow.

The gift that keeps giving... Farm animals

If you feel the call to help families in poor communities, we have found that farm
animals are a gift that keeps on giving. Some farm animals help by plowing fields
and transporting goods over rough, unimproved terrain. Other farm animals help to
fill empty stomachs with nourishing eggs, milk and cheese as they provide a way
for earning much needed income through the sale of extra food products and
animal offspring at local markets.

$ 30.00

Fishing nets

$ 100.00

Fishing boats

$ 50.00

Computer training

$ 75.00

Cosmetology tools

$ 15.00

Seed for farming projects

$ 100.00

Farming or mechanic's tools

Sewing machine

$ 250.00

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A flock of chickens

$ 100.00

Milk goats

$ 150.00

Pig or hog

$ 200.00

Milk cow or water buffalo

$ 300.00

Work horse

$ 575.00

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