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William Cathcart was an international, pioneering apostle for the Apostolic Church who ministered in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales before pioneering the Apostolic vision of church government and planting churches in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and South Africa.  He came to Canada and the United States in 1948 to pursue an itinerating and conference ministry.  William Cathcart has been recognized by many as one of the greatest Bible teachers of their acquaintance.

In 1936, he received understanding of God’s Word through a dream which he in turn put on paper.  A commercial artist reproduced the chart on a canvas eight feet in height by forty feet in length so it could be seen by audiences in large meeting halls. The chart consists of five panels which can be considered one-by-one or as a whole.  The chart is entitled “What is Man”, the question King David asked in Psalm Eight.  In this chart, man and the purposes of God in man is seen from God’s perspective.  Unlike most other timelines, the chart deals with principles and purposes and is not date or prophetic-scheme oriented.

What is Man? By John Cathcart

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