Spread the Word


For nearly 60 years, an important element of WME’s support has come by word of mouth. Even now in the information age, one of our greatest needs is for you to share the message of this ministry with others.

World Missionary Evangelism’s work is supported by the sponsors and partners of this ministry. God opens up doors of opportunity to witness and help peoples from many nations, tongues and cultures. And it is through you that WME is able to send the resources necessary to accomplish great things in the name of Jesus Christ.

We have a story to tell that must be heard so WME can continue to reach those who need this work of compassion and mercy. You can be a vital part in our efforts by sharing with others about this exciting ministry. We need you to help spread the word about the great work God is doing through WME.


Please share our story via Facebook, through Twitter or by email. And if you know friends, family members, a church or an organization that would like to hear about WME’s outreach, please share their address with us so they can receive our publications.

We share information about our ministry through WME’s website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We also send monthly updates regarding pressing needs and new areas of outreach through newsletters and magazines. These publications are provided in a print version via US mail and in an e-version via email.

Simply send the appropriate mailing information or email address to:

WME, Inc.
P.O. Box 660800
Dallas, Texas 75266
Or alternatively, send your request by email to mainoffice@wme.org.

Please spread the word about WME today!