• Estimated Population:129 million
  • People Living on Less Than $1.90 per day: 3.1%
  • Median Age: 29.7 years
  • Population Aged Under 18: 28%


In Mexico, WME is reaching out with compassionate service and Christian ministry to those in great need through the following activities and projects:
  • Church Building
  • Disaster Relief
  • Food For Hunger
  • Bibles & Gospel tract distribution

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Embarking on a mission trip with WME is no easy feat. Despite the challenges and dangers that may be lurking, it is a necessary endeavor for our Dallas office. 🌍 President Daniel Moore, Corporate Secretary Karen McCarley, and David Schneider recently journeyed to a remote part of Mexico to explore new mission opportunities. Karen’s journal will allow you to experience the trip with her, starting with their arrival in Mexico. Their journey began with a visit to cave homes where families have lived for generations. These people, who rely on wood stoves for cooking and offer cave tours for a living, showed us the reality of poverty and resilience. As we ventured further into the mountains, the terrain became more treacherous, but our team pushed on to reach the tribal site. Upon arrival, we were met with wary faces. The indigenous people were hesitant towards our presence, unsure of our intentions. It became clear that our first task was to earn their trust and show them that we were there to help. Despite the challenges ahead, our team remains committed to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we can bring hope and support to those in need.

We learned from the pastor that women in tribal areas are treated poorly, with some being abused. In this culture, women and children were meant to be seen, not heard, leading to mistrust and lack of eye contact. Despite efforts to connect with the kids through candy and toys, they still struggled to trust. It became clear that they expected to be taken advantage of due to past mistreatment. 😢 To build rapport, the pastor’s wife and tribal women cooked a meal for everyone and showed a movie, followed by volleyball and distribution of food and toys. Over time, trust was established, allowing for heartfelt conversations and distribution of much-needed items. With newfound trust and connections made, plans were set in motion to provide further assistance and support to these vulnerable communities. 🌟 Leaving with a heavy heart but a renewed sense of purpose, we reflected on the poverty and despair we witnessed, determined to find ways to offer help and hope to these deserving individuals


We left the hotel at 8:00 am and embarked on a challenging journey up a treacherous mountain road. Despite the dangers, we found a village where children received medical care and met a pastor who shared a sad tale of a resort once used by a cartel. The village we visited later was filled with joyous children and kind-hearted adults, despite lacking water. Little Annie, the school teacher’s daughter, captured our hearts with her love and generosity. 💕 We returned to Chihuahua, exhausted but inspired by the resilience and kindness of the people we had met. We pledged to make a difference in their lives through WME. 🌟 It was a long and emotional day, but the experience fueled our determination to help those in need.

Thank you for sharing your experience and the needs of the villages you visited in Mexico. It’s clear that there are many urgent needs that must be addressed in these communities. It’s heartwarming to hear about the prayers offered for the woman at McDonalds and the desire to help those in need. The list of needs you have compiled is extensive and highlights the dire circumstances faced by the villagers. From food and water to basic necessities like clothing and farm animals, it’s clear that immediate action is required to improve the lives of these individuals. The desire to complete the construction of the church and dormitory also speaks to the importance of creating a supportive and nurturing environment for the community. Your dedication to addressing these needs through the Food for Hunger missions and other efforts is truly inspiring. The idea of purchasing a 4-wheel drive vehicle to facilitate regular visits to the area with supplies is practical and necessary. The provision of Bibles and Biblical instruction in a language the people can understand is also a vital aspect of supporting the spiritual wellbeing of the community. We appreciate your efforts to identify and prioritize the most pressing needs in this new area of WME Outreach. Your commitment to making a difference in the lives of these villagers is commendable. Thank you for sharing your insights and for considering a gift to Where Needed Most to support these important initiatives. We will continue to keep these communities in our thoughts and prayers

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