What We Do

What We Do

With your support, Word Missionary Evangelism is transforming the lives of children and families in need.

World Missionary Evangelism extends assistance to all people regardless of religious belief, gender, race or ethnic background.

When starting outreach in an area, WME determines where the needs are greatest. We often target efforts around the needs of children, the ones most vulnerable to poverty and neglect. The wellbeing of children is a strong indicator of a community’s health and future prospects.

Most children and families lack safe water, reliable food supplies, solid agriculture, health care and education. Economic development and vocational training is also needed in developing nations. Outreach addressing these issues brings hope now and for generations to come.

Beyond seeking practical answers to poverty, World Missionary Evangelism’s outreach is driven by faith in God.

From our perspective, every water well, school, church, farming project clinic or children’s home that WME establishes is a focal point for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. WME is committed to sharing the Good News, and we will always be motivated by faith!

We want to secure the eternal futures of people we help, enable children to realize their God-given potential, and assist communities in overcoming poverty and lack.

Thank you for partnering with us and experiencing the power of faith, hope and love as it changes precious lives forever!

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