Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Safe, clean water is precious to those who have long suffered without it

Water is a necessary commodity for living. In developed countries, safe water usually comes easily with a quick trip to the kitchen. But in many places, locating safe drinking water is like finding great treasure. And it is amazing how much the Water of Life and water from the earth go together. Water projects become a gathering point for people, and then a platform for proclaiming the Gospel. The cost of a well starts at $3,000 and goes up, depending on the location, size/depth, terrain and equipment required. Please consider giving the gift of clean water today.

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The gift that keeps giving… Farm animals

If you feel the call to help families in poor communities, we have found that farm animals are the gift that keeps on giving. Some farm animals help by plowing fields and transporting goods over rough, unimproved terrain. Other farm animals help to fill empty stomachs with nourishing eggs, milk and cheese as they provide a way for earning much needed income through the sale of extra food products and animal offspring at local markets.

$ 100.00


A flock of chickens

$ 100.00

Milk goats

$ 150.00

Pig or hog

$ 200.00

Milk cow or water buffalo

$ 300.00

Work horse

$ 575.00

Give believers a Church center that lights up their communities

WME has helped to build and establish hundreds of churches and mission centers in many countries. Some are the first evangelical churches built in their communities. These churches not only act as a center for spreading the Gospel, they become community centers bringing forth hope, truth and fellowship in their villages. Your gift to our Church Building Fund can help plant native churches in communities around the globe. The cost for a church building starts at $3,000 and goes up, depending on the building type, size and materials needed. Any gift to our Church Building Fund is much appreciated.

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Send seed for planting in small farming projects

In developing countries, farming is often the main livelihood and source of food for many families. Villages are filled with small parcels of land used to grow fruit, vegetables, grains, wood and other crops. With a gift of $15, you can provide seeds for small farming projects that will help support WME children and families in need

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